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MicroPets-i (Pudding)

Takara Tomy MicroPets-i (Pudding)

Takara Tomy MicroPets-i (Pudding)


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The Takara Tomy MicroPets-i (Pudding) is only available on import. We are the only retailer in the UK to stock this item.

Information about the Takara Tomy MicroPets-i (Pudding)

The Takara Tomy Micropet-i is an adorable robot pet with a mind of their own. The Micropets have four modes which are activated by tapping your finger in front of the Takara Tomy Micropet-i:

  • Stroll Mode
    Tap your finger twice in front of the animal and the little critter will stroll around on a flat surface avoiding obstacles.
  • Chase Mode
    Tap your finger three times and the Takara Tomy Micropet-i will chase the ball (which is included) or your hand if you place it in front of it.
  • Song Mode
    Tap your finger four times and you will get the opportunity to let the Takara Tomy Micropet-i  serenade you with their song. Each Takara Tomy Micropet-i has a different song.
  • Duet Mode
    If you are lucky enough to have 2 Micropets, place them together and listen to their duet.

The Takara Tomy Micropet-i robot toys are a firm favourite here at everyrobot.com. However, they are incredibly difficult to import, so we cannot always guarantee availability.

Please note that this is a Japanese import. All product packaging and instructions are in Japanese.

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The TV commercial for MicroPets-i from Japan

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